"Bernie installed two pet doors for me and I found him to be exceedingly efficient, tidy, thorough, and kind. It was a pleasure having Bernie in my home. He made the entire process simple, straightforward, and enjoyable."
- Julie K.
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Bernie Desfosses, Owner Boulder Pet Doors

Boulder Pet Doors: Years of Experience and Hale Pet Door Certified!

Bernie Desfosses is a Certified Hale Pet Door Installer/Dealer who has completed hands-on pet door installation training with Bill Hale as well as extensive study and testing on all Hale Pet Door models. Bernie learned the building trades from his father/mentor who taught him to “always do everything to the best of your ability in everything you do and with empathy for all the people you work with.”

With 35 years’ experience as a professional contractor building custom and spec homes as well as remodeling homes, Bernie has the knowledge and expertise to help you place your pet door in the best location of your home.

Before Bernie moved to Boulder in June 2001 to marry an ICU Nurse at Boulder Community Hospital, he spent 15 years building sets for television and feature films in Vancouver. He enjoys mountain hiking and riding his recumbent bike in and around Boulder County.

Give Your Best Friend the Gift of Freedom with a Hale Pet Door

Although you would like to take your dog with you wherever you go, sometimes you just have to leave him home. If the time home alone is long, it’s important that he can get out to ‘answer nature’s call’ when necessary to avoid urinary tract and intestinal problems.

Boredom can cause destructive behavior, so when your dog is home alone she might take out her frustration on your nice furniture or even the carpet. When she can get out and sniff the fresh air and chew on her toys outside, you could avoid unhappy surprises when you get home.

A Hale Pet Door Provides Energy Efficiency for Your Home

Every time your pet wants to go out and come back in again, and you open your entry door, there’s a huge air exchange with the outside. When your cat or dog uses an energy efficient Hale Pet Door, they open the flap just enough to come through, and it closes immediately behind them.

So even though the weather in Boulder County is lovely most of the time, you could be saving energy with a double flap Hale Pet Door.

The Best Dog Door for Your Best Friend

Hale Pet Doors have been made in the USA since 1985. With 4 colors of frames, 12 sizes, and models for walls, doors, windows, sliding glass door panels and even right in-glass, you can get the best pet door for your home and pet. The 5 Year Warranty will assure that your best friend will have the freedom to be healthy and happy for years to come.

Call Bernie at 720-507-5476 or 720-212-3111 to discuss your pet door needs today!


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